Collaborating is one of my favourite things.  This is why;

  1. Its fun
  2. I get to share the fun with someone else
  3. Magic happens

Whether its an illustration for a wedding invitation, a book or album cover, a custom phrase, a sign board or a whole brand identity, working with someone else to discover a design is one of those times when so the result is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Brand Identity: Breathing Space, Yoga and Massage with Louise Cook

"At a point of transition in my life Erica helped me to envision a different path for myself. She has been instrumental in the creation of 'Breathing space', my new venture of yoga teaching, bodywork and massage. From a process of collaboration Erica designed and created my logo, and I am so happy with the result. She has also helped me with the wording and even taken my photo! Erica is a pleasure to work with, enthusiastic, creative and insightful, she sees the best in people and embodies that spirit in her beautiful artwork." Louise Cook

Iconography: Sacred Art at Aberglasney

"We curated an international group show at Aberglasney in Spring 2016 concerned with representing sacred and visionary artists from all over the world. Bringing together over 50 street, fine, outsider and land artists from Korea, America and across Europe meant we needed a really strong and unifying iconography for the show that could weave the components into a coherent whole. I have long been a fan of Erica's stunning work and her individual journey, and I knew that I wanted her lettering over the catalogue, postcards and promotional material. Erica was a joy to work with, responding to the fine details in the brief with a boldness and commitment that never faltered, and brought something glorious, magical and utterly appropriate to life. Her lettering is beautiful. I love it so much, I travelled across the UK to get it tattooed onto my forearm." Keone (artist and curator)

Brand Identity: Bara Menyn Bakehouse Cafe

Bara Menyn is my favourite cafe. For the last few months i have been working with Jack to produce a brand identity and a selection of marketing materials that tell the story of delicious real bread, an airy, welcoming cafe and a passion for simple, good food.

Illustration: Cuckoo's Nest Llandeilo

Limited edition digital prints will be available from Cuckoo's Nest this Autumn.

Brand Identity: Our Two Acres

"Erica and I have worked together over several years with logo and branding for my catering company Our Two Acres. I wouldn't describe myself as a creative type at all and Erica could see into my heart and mind - pull out the ideas and turn them into fabulous and meaningful logos and branding - it's as much a personal image as a descriptive one for me and Erica gets me so well - and can put it on paper so beautifully" Jennifer Goss - Out Two Acres

Illustration: Forever Applaud

Designs for an exciting collaboration with 18 international artists for a different kind of colouring book. more info to follow!

Custom Cut: Wedding celebration

Commissioned this summer to celebrate a special day for all the family. Have a look here for further details.